Quality of Care Research Award Recipients

To optimize existing therapies, reduce complications, and ensure the best standard of ALS care is available to everyone, everywhere, we are proud to support projects like these through our Quality of Care Research Awards

2023 Recipients

Kara Bischoff, M.D.​, University of California, San Francisco  
Building Bridges: Understanding and Developing Palliative Care for ALS   

Amy Ellis, Ph.D., MPH, The University of Alabama  
Improving Nutrition Care Practices in ALS through Education and Mentoring   

Stephen Johnson, M.D., Mayo Clinic Arizona 
Respiratory Comorbidity Detection Using Digital Devices   

Michelle Milic, M.D., Georgetown University 
Improving Palliative Care Teamwork in ALS: IMPACT-ALS   

Lydia Sharp, M.D., Baylor College of Medicine 
ALS-Related Fatigue: Mechanisms and Interventions 


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