We are determined to create a world without ALS. But until we do, we continue to find new ways to make ALS livable and empower people with ALS to live their lives to the fullest.

Through our Assistive Technology Grants, we provide up to $400,000 over 2 years to support the development of a diverse array of devices and other technologies that make it easier for people with ALS to communicate, move, breathe and perform daily activities. This could mean developing novel and innovative assistive technologies or repurposing existing technologies to create new solutions for people living with ALS. Either way, the goal is to help people with ALS retain their independence for as long as possible.

We are not currently accepting applications for this award. Click here to explore open funding opportunities.
I cannot overstate the value that this investment represents to our R&D efforts. We will do everything in our power to make it a most successful endeavor with positive results worldwide.”
Chris Gibbons, Ph.D.
2023 Assistive Technology Grant Recipient
Help People with ALS Live Life on Their Own Terms
ALS takes away so much. By supporting the development of new assistive technologies, you are giving people with ALS new ways to retain their independence for as long as possible.
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