New treatments for ALS are only possible because of the people who participate in and conduct clinical trials. As the number of ALS trials continues to increase, the number of people with ALS who enroll in studies and the capacity of trial sites will need to increase as well.

Currently, many people living with ALS who want to participate in clinical trials are unaware of opportunities or lack access to local trial sites. In addition, many trial sites do not have the infrastructure to accommodate significantly more participants and/or additional trial protocols.  

Our Trial Capacity Awards provide up to $400,000 over 4 years to help eliminate barriers to trial participation, especially those impacting currently underserved populations, and help increase the number and diversity of people living with ALS who have the opportunity to participate. These awards also support efforts to improve speed and efficiency at both established and emerging clinical trial sites across the U.S.

Trial Capacity Award Recipients

Who Can Apply?

Clinical/medical directors, clinical research coordinators and other clinical research personnel at both established and emerging clinical trial sites are encouraged to apply. At this time, trial sites must be located in the U.S. or a U.S. territory to be eligible for funding.

We are not currently accepting applications for this award. Click here to explore open funding opportunities.
The ALS Association’s Trial Capacity Awards are vital to grow ALS treatment trials. Although there is funding from the companies sponsoring these trials, the institutions doing the treatment trials still bear a significant cost. This award helps to address these costs, and more importantly, grow capacity to do the trials.”
Dominic Fee, M.D.
2023 Trial Capacity Award Recipient
Help Boost Clinical Trial Capacity
More trials and more participants mean more opportunities to find new treatments and a cure for ALS. Your support can make a difference.
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