What We Fund 

Through the generous support of our donors, we invest millions of dollars in research every year, providing needed support to ALS scientists around the world. From pilot projects to global collaborations, we fund experts dedicated to advancing the search for new ways to identify, prevent, treat and one day cure ALS.  

Ice Bucket Challenge Commitment

Our Awards and Programs

Our Priorities 

We are committed to making ALS livable for everyone, everywhere, until we can cure it. To make this vision a reality, we fund impactful research focused on:  


Finding New Treatments and Cures  

Through numerous grant programs and partnerships, we are working to stimulate drug discovery by not only increasing the number of clinical trials but also increasing clinical trial access and efficiency. In addition, we invest in the future of ALS research by encouraging young scientists to enter and, importantly, remain in the ALS field. 


Optimizing Current Treatments and Care  

Developing new treatment approaches takes time so it is important to focus on evaluating ways to improve quality of life for people currently living with ALS. This includes optimizing the use of telehealth and assistive technologies, collecting real world evidence and supporting families and caregivers. 


Preventing ALS and
Its Harms  

As we gain a greater understanding of the underlying factors that lead to the development of ALS, we uncover more opportunities to prevent the disease from occurring. It is also important to diagnose and treat the disease as early as possible, including leveraging the use of genetic testing and counseling.  





Person with ALS and child

Amplifying Our Impact 

Collaboration plays a central role in achieving our mission. By partnering with others who have shared vision and values, we seek to increase the depth and breadth of the research we fund and its impact. 

Partnerships and Initiatives

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