Seed Grants


We support the initial research that makes breakthroughs possible. Through our Seed Grants, we fund small projects that have the potential to grow into high-impact research.

Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge and the generosity of our donors, we award $50,000 in total funding over 1 year so researchers can gather the preliminary data they need to start to explore promising new directions, create powerful new tools or analyze untapped data sources. These initial results can then be leveraged to secure larger grants or industry funding and ultimately lead us to new ways to optimize the care and treatments we have, find new treatments and cures, or prevent ALS.

Seed Grant Recipients

Pursuing new and innovative lines of research often becomes a ‘chicken or the egg’ scenario for investigators. They can’t secure funding without data, but it’s difficult to collect data without funding.”
Paul Larkin, Ph.D.
Director of Research, The ALS Association
Help Innovative Ideas Take Root
Researchers are constantly coming up with new ways to transform the experience of ALS, but these novel solutions could wither without support.
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