Our Awards and Programs

To help create a world without ALS, we support wide-ranging research that is doing everything from identifying ALS-linked genes and biomarkers to discovering and developing new treatments to optimizing current care and improving quality of life. We also encourage young scientists to pursue careers in ALS and build research and clinical trial infrastructure to cultivate a robust pipeline of innovative ideas that can lead to better ALS treatments and ultimately a cure.

Research Pipeline

Research Grants


Lawrence and Isabel Barnett Drug Development Program

This grant program supports preclinical drug discovery and development of new or repurposed treatments for ALS.
Clinician and patient

The Hoffman ALS Clinical Trial Awards Program

This annual program helps to develop new and improved therapies by supporting early-stage clinical trials.
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Trial Capacity Awards

These grants support efforts to increase participation and diversity in ALS clinical trials as well as efforts to improve the speed and efficiency of these trials.
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Prevention Grants

This program supports efforts to prevent or delay the harms of ALS, with the goal of impacting clinical care within the next 5–7 years.
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Seed Grants

These awards provide 1 year of support so researchers can gather the data needed to secure follow-on funding and partnerships to advance potentially impactful ALS research.

Assistive Technology Grants

These grants fund the development of devices that can help maintain or improve the health, independence and/or quality of life of people living with ALS.

Quality of Care Research Awards

This program supports interventions that will make ALS care safer, more accessible, more equitable and more affordable.

Partnership Grants

These awards support grant-making efforts at other nonprofits that have the potential to ultimately transform the experience of ALS.

Sheila Essey Award for ALS Research

This annual award recognizes significant contributions in the search for the causes, prevention and a cure for ALS.



Milton Safenowitz Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

This program supports the development of early-career scientists by funding junior postdoctoral fellows doing research of high scientific merit and relevance to ALS.
Young researcher

Clinical Fellowship Programs

These awards, established in partnership with the American Academy of Neurology and American Brain Foundation, give young investigators the experience they need to establish their own ALS research laboratories and continue moving their innovative ideas toward the clinic.
Funding Opportunities for Researchers
To help make ALS a livable disease until we can cure it, we invest millions of dollars every year to support cutting-edge research. Most of our awards are offered annually, but some are one-time only grants.
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