We will never have a world without ALS until we can prevent it. This means not only understanding the causes and risk factors for ALS, but also being able to take action to keep the disease and its harms from ever occurring.

To find ways to predict when ALS symptoms will develop as well as viable strategies to intervene before symptoms emerge, we launched our Prevention Grants in 2022. These awards, worth up to $400,000 over 2 years, seek to advance translational science, interventions and tools that could one day prevent or delay the onset of ALS. Because of the urgent need to be able to offer advice about reducing ALS risk to families affected by the disease, our Prevention Grants emphasize validation and translation over discovery.

We are not currently accepting applications for this award. Click here to explore open funding opportunities.

Prevention Grant Recipients

Stephen Goutman
If we can identify who’s at risk of disease and monitor them – if we can treat them before the symptoms start – I think we’re going to have a better opportunity to make a more meaningful impact on someone’s treatment and thus prevent the progression of the symptoms and disability.”
Stephen Goutman, M.D.
2022 Prevention Grant Recipient
Help Stop ALS Before It Starts
With your support, researchers can find ways to reduce the risk of ALS and prevent the disease from ever developing.
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