Fellowships for ALS Researchers

We understand attracting bright, young scientists to enter and then remain in ALS research is essential to getting to more effective treatments and a cure as soon as possible.

Fellows enter laboratories with innovative ideas that give fresh perspectives on current work. With funding from The ALS Association, fellows can effectively test those ideas, many of which have resulted in brilliant work and publications in top scientific journals.

Fellows obtain the experience they need to establish their own ALS research laboratories to continue moving their exciting ideas towards the clinic.


Association-sponsored fellowships also provide fundamental mentorship to young scientists through relationships with their own mentors and partnerships with other ALS researchers.

With the knowledge, insight and success they gain, fellows continue on to mentor other new scientists in pursuing ALS research. This cycle is proven in that approximately 75% of our postdoctoral fellows stay in ALS research.

The ALS Association provides the only postdoctoral fellowship program specifically tailored toward ALS research – made possible by the generous support of the Safenowitz family and others. Collaboration with the American Academy of Neurology also allows us to sponsor young, bright clinician scientists that work not only in ALS laboratories but also directly with people living with ALS in the clinic.

Both fellowships are equally competitive to receive and highly successful programs.

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