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Living with ALS not only impacts a person’s daily living, but also factors into receiving the appropriate medical treatment during an emergency or hospital stay. When providing care, health care professionals and emergency personnel, like paramedics, will have many questions about a person’s medical condition.

In these stressful situations, it’s often helpful to have an organized set of information that can help inform medical providers about specific issues and considerations.

We’ve developed several materials as communication and educational tools to help inform medical providers, as well as provide pertinent insurance and family information. They can be used as a packet or individual pages, based on your preference and need.

The electronic versions of these pages have been built as a form with fillable fields. You can type your information within the PDFs and save them and/or print them when complete.

The z-card has been developed to include fundamentally important considerations in an emergency. It can be printed and folded to fit easily in a wallet, pocket or car glove compartment.

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Key Medical Information Mobile App

The Key Medical Information app provides medical personnel with critical information to care for a person living with ALS during an emergency. In addition to medical dos and don’ts, the app provides a communication board and emergency contact fields for users to reference.

Click here to see a detailed layout of the app’s functionality. The app is available in Google Play and the Apple Store and is searchable by “Key Medical Information” or “The ALS Association”.

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The ALS Association provides a variety of printed materials free of charge to help deal with the impact of ALS.

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