Education For Healthcare Professionals

Online Courses

  1. Understanding Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
    This course provides a general overview of ALS, highlights some of the challenges in getting ALS diagnosed, understanding ALS treatment and an overview of the roles of The ALS Association.
  2. Early Diagnosis and the Need for Novel Therapeutics in ALS
    This course is intended for neurologists, primary care physicians, physiatrists, otolaryngologists, orthopedists & orthopedic surgeons, nurse practitioners (NPs), and physician assistants (PAs) involved in the management of ALS. The goal of this activity is that learners will be better able to recognize and diagnose ALS earlier and be better able to implement the optimal use of team-based care, as well as have better awareness of therapies in development for the management of ALS.
  3. ALS RespCare Course
    The ALS Respiratory Care Course for Clinicians is an enduring, accredited, online course covering physician-directed respiratory care for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and related disorders. Nineteen 20-30 minute lectures are included.
  4. Respiratory Strategies for Improved Quality of Life for ALS Patients
    Developed to support Allied Health Professionals working with people living with ALS, this course identifies ways each member of the multidisciplinary team can take an active role in optimizing respiratory health for ALS patients.
  5. Caregiver Education
    Developed to support non-medical caregivers, this course highlights the specialized caregiving support necessary to address the complex, everchanging nature of ALS.
  6.  Improve ALS Patient Outcomes Through Engaging Their Caregivers
    This course is intended for health care professionals, within all settings, who work with ALS patients and their informal caregivers. It was designed to highlight caregiver needs and to help professionals of varied disciplines incorporate caregiver wellness into their treatment of ALS patients, benefiting both the patient and their caregiver.

Videos On-Demand

  1. Hands-On! Low Tech Eye Gaze Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for individuals with ALS
  2. How to Make a Home Accessible without Tearing Down Walls
  3. Using Heath Care Collaboration to Implement a Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic in Rural America
  4. Educate and Empower: The SLP’s guide to Managing the Communication Needs of individuals with ALS
  5. What Can PT Do? The Role of the Physical Therapist Across the Disease Stages of ALS
  6. Understanding Grief and Loss in the ALS Community
  7. Home Automation Made Simple
  8. ALS Patients’ Socio-Ecological Resilience and Self-Determination for Life-Sustaining Treatments: A Mixed Methods Study
  9. Avoiding Burnout: Boundaries for Professional Caregivers
  10. Assessing for Depression and Anxiety in The ALS Clinic
  11. Supporting children and youth in families with ALS - Guide for Health Care Professionals
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