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As a service to the ALS community, we have assembled various resouces, including publications and videos produced by The Association, other related books, fact sheets, as well as resource guides so that you can quickly and easily access information pertaining to a variety of subjects related to ALS.

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Medical Information Materials
These materials have been developed as communication and educational tools to help inform medical providers as well as provide pertinent insurance and family information.
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Products to Aid in Daily Living
The materials and web sites referenced and/or linked from the ALS Association Web site are provided for information purposes only. The linked sites are not under the ALS Association's control, and The Association does not assume any responsibility or liability for any communication or materials available at such linked sites. Any reference to a commercial or noncommercial product, process, service or company is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Association, nor a guarantee of the reliability of the information or product.
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Obtaining an ALS Diagnosis
I have a few symptoms that make me worry that I might have ALS. I’ve heard it sometimes takes a long time to know for sure if you have the disease. I think it’s time to see a doctor. Should I go to my general practitioner? And what tests are needed to make the diagnosis?
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What Do Fasciculations or Muscle Twitching Mean?
Many people who have muscle twitching worry that they have ALS since it’s often associated with the disease. If a person has muscle twitches a lot, or even daily, could it be the beginning of ALS?
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