Planning to get out of town this winter? Traveling with mobility challenges can be daunting - there is remembering all the DME or medications you need, figuring out where to stay that’s accessible, and getting around once you get there. Fortunately, others have gone before you and have tips on how to travel!

Some considerations and planning ideas are listed on our website. Things like: 

  • Always check with your physician prior to any type of extended travel. 
  • Carry a letter from your health care provider, preferably on letterhead, which describes your medical condition, medications, potential complications, and other pertinent medical information. 
  • Also bring your health care directive in case of emergency. I
  • f you take prescription medications, make sure you have enough to last during your entire trip. 
  • If you’ll be gone a long time, ask your pharmacy or physician for the generic equivalent name of your prescriptions in case you need to purchase additional medication abroad. 
  • Be prepared and know the answers to key questions before you depart: 
  • What type of assistance with you need? 
    • Can you walk from the door of the plane to your seat, or do you need an aisle seat? 
    • If you transfer planes, how much time is needed during transfer? 
    • If you use any kind of ventilation or cough assist, do you have plugs for the kind of outlets at your destination? 

For more helpful tips, tricks and insights from fellow travelers and industry leaders, watch our Education Hour episode:


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