The ALS Association Care Connection

Care Connection

The impact of an ALS diagnosis is profound. It’s not uncommon for daily tasks, such as meals, laundry and children’s activities, to be less of a priority when providing care for a loved one with the disease.

Caregivers may feel defeated by the growing list of tasks they’re no longer able to manage. And it’s often hard to know when and how to ask friends and neighbors for help. For those who want to offer a helping hand, it’s difficult to know just what’s needed and how to make a difference.

Now, when someone asks what they can do to help, the answer is "give me your email address so I can provide access to our ALS Care Connection page." ALS Care Connection is a private online calendar that can be used to support the entire family – by organizing volunteers to take care of some of the tasks that families describe as "falling through the cracks."

Care Connection calendar

ALS Care Connection is a simple online tool that helps organize the community of people who want to help. It coordinates their efforts to more efficiently support families impacted by ALS. To learn more about this tool and its features, review our step-by-step guide to getting started.

View an ALS Care Connection webinar below:

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