Rafael (Boppy) G Anton

Branch: Navy
Served: 1961 - 1980
Hometown: Spokane Valley, Washington
Written by: Shari J Anton and Kathy A Anton-Galietti, Daughters

We now are the voice for our father.  Recently diagnosed with ALS, age 80. Lost his wife/mom of 54 yrs in 2017 to Parkinsons. Working with his bare hands his entire life, a German Baker, farmer, rodeo wrangler, 20 year Navy Veteran, builder, trade instructor, "fixer" of anything, business man, and helper.  A WWII German refugee with his mother and siblings, an immigrant, U.S. patriot, son, brother, friend, neighbor, husband, father, and grandfather. Surviving hardship, abuse, setbacks, crisis, and life threatening events. ALS won't take him, God will. "We all gotta die someday kid". 

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