Maggie M Enderle

Branch: Army
Served: 1969 - 1975
Hometown: Vero Beach , Florida
Written by: Maggie Enderle , Wife/widow

My husband, Leo Enderle was in the United States Army Reserve during the Vietnam war from 1969 to 75. He was a drill sergeant. He was diagnosed with ALS  February 1st 2018. He died December 26th 2019. The VA would not recognize him as a veteran to help with his ALS diagnosis. We were denied because he was a reservist and they considered his active duty all training. Even though they would be the first to be called up if needed. He has also denied the privilege to be buried in a national cemetery for the same reason. They said people in the service is twice as likely to get it whether it's wartime or not deployed or not. He gave them six years of his life and never missed anything that he needed to be at. I am angry at the veterans Association.

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