Joseph L Nagel

Branch: Navy
Served: 1976 - 1976
Hometown: Trenton, Michigan
Written by: Stephanie Blount, fiance

Joseph was in the U S Navy before we met. I can not tell his military story as I do not know it.
We got engaged Christmas Eve 2008. He was diagnosed with ALS February 2009 and we lost him at 1:04am June 23, 2009. We never did get married. I was blessed to share in such an intimate part of his life. It was and still is very devastating. I doubt the trauma of ALS will ever leave me. Joseph was a GOOD man. He helped others. He loved everyone. He always smiled, even when battling ALS. He loved his family, friends, life. I miss him. (I do not know his dates of service so I just put 1976)

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