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It’s My Turn To Carry The Torch

Meet Legacy Society Member Jeff Rowe

Frank Rowe
Frank Rowe, who lost his
battle with ALS in 1988.

“My father’s life paralleled Lou Gehrig’s in a lot of ways. They both had humble beginnings and were hard-working, selfless men who thought of others first,” says Jeff Rowe. In 1988, Jeff’s father Frank lost his battle with ALS at 62 years young, just nine months after his diagnosis.

Frank Rowe was an industrial paint specialist from Pittsburgh, PA, and was a great example to his five children. Jeff, the eldest, says, “My dad loved his work. He encouraged us to find what we were born to do - the nexus of God-given talents and what we’re passionate about.”

Jeff’s calling was journalism, and he decided to utilize his skills to gather information about ALS after his father’s diagnosis. Through his research, Jeff learned of The ALS Association and made a call to his local chapter. He remembers how calm the staff were over the phone. They helped him and his family navigate the diagnosis and provided Frank with a speech communication device.

Reflecting on the experience, Jeff explains, “Our family was overwhelmed. It felt like we were drowning in the ocean, and The ALS Association tossed us a flotation ring. I am eternally grateful, and that’s why I’ve left a gift to The ALS Association in my trust – my legacy gift.”

Jeff Rowe and family
Jeff Rowe (bottom right) with
his parents and four siblings.
This photo was taken just
prior to Frank’s ALS diagnosis
(pictured top row second
from the left).

Frank Rowe’s final wish was that his ALS experience could help others. Jeff says, “Now, it’s my responsibility to carry the torch. Research is crucial and we must be relentless in our pursuit of creating a world without ALS.”

By including a gift to The ALS Association in his estate plan, Jeff joined our Legacy Society – to honor his father and carry the torch in the fight against ALS.

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