When it comes to fighting one of the most devastating diseases on the planet, we all are on the same team.
Sport vs ALS

There is no fiercer opponent than ALS. Let’s put aside our rivalries and focus on one goal: making ALS livable until we can cure it. To be victorious, it’s going to take All of Us vs. ALS.

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The Stephen Kauffman ALS Superfan Award

The ALS Association recently announced the creation of a new award to honor “superfans,” the most passionate sports and entertainment fans who are also living with ALS. The award is inspired by Stephen Kauffman, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2012.

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Mark Fisher
I greatly appreciate the assistance from the ALS Association which allowed me to prepare for this weekend, making my travel and transportation so much easier to Houston.
San Diego State University Coach Mark Fisher
Coaching the Aztecs for their first trip to the Final Four
Rivals Everywhere Join Together

When it comes to defeating ALS, we are all on the same team. See these rivals drop their differences to help end this horrible disease. 


Sports & Entertainment - ALS in the News

Bryan Randall and Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock's Longtime Partner Bryan Randall Dead at 57 After Private 3-Year Battle with ALS

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Rizzos, Larry, and Brian

Washington Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo Gets Soaked to Strike Out ALS

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Betsy Witt, Todd Witt, Dr. Eugene Brandon

ALS Association honors Todd Witt with first National Superfan Award

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includes Mark, father Steve Fisher, Sergio Ibarra (athletic medicine) and asst coach JD Pollock

Coach Mark Fisher, living with ALS, plays key role helping San Diego State University basketball reach the National Championship basketball game.

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