Meet Our Legacy Society Members
Family Matters – Honoring their Memory

Meet Legacy Society Member Rob Morehouse 

"My father was the life of the party; and my sister was always kind and giving,” explained Legacy Society member, Rob Morehouse of Coventry, Connecticut. These are just a few of the traits that Rob warmly recalls about his family – both of whom he lost to ALS. 

The loss of family to ALS has had a profound effect on Rob. “My father, Walter, died of ALS in 1957, before I was 2 years old”, Rob explained. “And my sister Prudence ‘Dee’ Morehouse Lyons, my only sibling, died of ALS in March 2021."

Rob grew up hearing stories about Walter going into the bars in Juarez, Mexico (he was stationed in El Paso, TX at the time). “On weekends, my father and my Aunt Helen would go to the bar where patrons would ask Walter to sing in exchange for his drinks…and he was happy to oblige. Like my father, I also have a good singing voice, so I appreciate having inherited that trait from him.”

“My sister Dee lived in Aurora, CO with her husband, Dave. She loved animals, and rescued countless lost dogs, while fostering them until they were able to be returned to their owners. She worked at a residential facility for troubled girls and volunteered at a school library near her home until Dee lost her ALS battle.”

Dee and Dave
Dee and Dave

Honoring their memory was imperative to Rob. He chose to honor their lives through a legacy gift by designating a portion of his estate to the ALS Association, by naming the Association as a beneficiary in his will.

Rob also shares a trait with is sister, “I suppose I’d like to be remembered as a kind and caring person…who saw the good in others when they couldn’t see it and helped them to recognize it themselves,” Rob said recently. “Perhaps that is enough to make a difference.”

Rob’s ongoing support of The ALS Association, and his legacy gift will most certainly make a difference in the experience of living with ALS…and making ALS a livable disease. 

To learn how you can make the Association a beneficiary of your estate, or if like Rob and so many others have already done, please let us know

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