Our Position on NurOwn

We are urgently working to find new treatments and cures for ALS and are currently funding over 130 research projects in 12 countries. We have worked with many pharmaceutical companies that have attempted to bring new treatments to market – some successful and some unsuccessful. 

After BrainStorm shared that its Phase 3 trial of NurOwn did not meet its primary or secondary endpoints, we repeated our request for access to the full data so we could try to better understand its effect on people living with ALS. The amazing testimonials we have seen online do not match up with the data that BrainStorm has shared with us or has been published in peer-reviewed publications. We note that the FDA also appears to think there are still issues to be resolved before approving. 

Until BrainStorm shares its full data with us and we have the opportunity to conduct a thorough review, we cannot take a position for or against approval of NurOwn. We have an obligation to the community we serve to be vigilant and data-driven. We look forward to working with BrainStorm to resolve the discrepancies between the data it has made available to the public and the testimonials of people living with ALS. 

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