The Impact of Advocacy

In order to make ALS a livable disease and ultimately find a cure, it’s going to take people living with ALS, their caregivers, family members and loved ones across the country coming together to pursue public policies that help discover new treatments, empower people living with ALS to live life on their own terms and help reduce harms associated with the disease.

In the past 12 months, ALS advocates have seen a number of public policy wins, including:

We empowered advocates to send more than 41,000 messages to Congress and hold more than 530 meetings with lawmakers last year pressing for our public policy priorities

Advocacy Wins of 2022

But our work is not done. Next month, hundreds of advocates will convene at our National ALS Virtual Advocacy Conference to discuss our priorities and take action to advance public policy that will help move us forward in the fight against ALS.

Together we can create a world without ALS. Join us and register today at

To continue to learn more about ALS and follow stories from people in the ALS community, follow our blog at

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