Equipment Loan Program

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The Equipment Loan Program offers temporary loaner equipment to Florida residents with a verified diagnosis of ALS who are uninsured, underinsured, who cannot access the benefits of their insurance (while in a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or hospice), or who are waiting for insurance approval.  Please note that loaner equipment is subject to availability.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is any equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a person in need because of certain medical conditions and/or illnesses.  This equipment is meant to be durable enough to withstand repetitive use. DME includes, but is not limited to, wheelchairs (manual and electric), transport chairs, patient lifts, and ramps.

The ALS Association collaborates with DME companies to provide their services to people living with ALS. The following companies manage the loaner equipment throughout Florida and have specialists knowledgeable about the progressive equipment needs of the ALS community:

numotion logo
Reliable Medical
BayCare HomeCare

Reliable MedicalBayCare HomeCare and NuMotion donate their time and services to help us fulfil our Equipment Loan Program, providing temporary loaner equipment to Florida residents in need with a verified diagnosis of ALS. 

Contact us for help navigating the insurance system to obtain durable medical equipment and/or to arrange for loaner equipment. They may also be able to assist you with additional questions or concerns you may have regarding your equipment needs. Out-of-state patients may obtain resources for rental equipment by emailing care services at

PLEASE NOTE: Equipment safety is our number one priority. Please consult your physical or occupational therapist before buying or using any medical equipment and/or ask us to help assess your equipment needs. To avoid unnecessary injuries, people living with ALS and caregiver(s) should receive training from a physical or occupational therapist on how to safely and properly use each piece of equipment.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is a term that encompasses the communication methods used to supplement or replace speech or writing for those with impairments in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language. AAC is used by those with a wide range of speech and language impairments, including congenital impairments such as cerebral palsy, intellectual impairment and autism, and acquired conditions such as ALS and Parkinson's disease. AAC can be a permanent addition to a person's communication or a temporary aid. The ultimate goal of an AAC device is to assist a person in effectively communicating their wants and needs. Some examples are pictured below:

Types of Tech for AAC

Access to AAC equipment requires an application process which must be filled out by a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). To access the AAC Application, please click here. *Any information provided in this survey will NOT be submitted to a third party (i.e. insurance company) or be entered into a medical record. Healthcare providers, please answer questions to the best of your ability.  

Contact us for help navigating the insurance system to obtain speech-generating devices (SGDs) and/or to arrange for loaner equipment. Should you have additional questions or concerns regarding AAC, your Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), or the ALS Association Care Services staff in Florida. Call 813-637-9000 or email

To learn more about AAC, click here.

Please Note: The ALS Association provides training only on speech-generating devices (SGDs) that are within our Assistive Technology Loan Program. Contact us for help navigating the insurance system to obtain training with your SGD. 

The Donation Process

In Florida, the ALS Association collaborates with three durable medical equipment (DME) companies, Reliable MedicalBayCare HomeCare and NuMotion, who donate their time, warehouse space and travel to our Equipment Loan Program. To ensure a seamless donation process, please take the following steps:

Once the above is received by our Equipment Loan Program Coordinator, a formal request will be sent to one of our above named DME partners and they will reach out to you to coordinate a convenient time to pickup the donated equipment.

*Because Reliable Medical, BayCare HomeCare and Numotion service the entire state, we ask you to please allow 10-15 business days for the company’s representative to make arrangements for the pick up. 

Once the DME company has picked up the equipment and we have received confirmation, we will send you an acknowledgement letter as a way to say “Thank you” for your kind donation to our program. 

Please note: The ALS Association is not able to provide an appraisal value for your donation, nor can we include any values within the acknowledgement letter. It is strongly suggested that you contact your tax advisor/consultant regarding your donation before the equipment is picked up. Please visit the IRS website for more information regarding equipment donations. Should you have any questions or would like to move forward with a donation, please contact

Accepted Equipment***

Power Wheelchairs - used by a person with ALS
Manual Wheelchairs
Transport Chairs
Ramps - under 5’, foldable and collapsible
- Fully Electric Hoyer Lifts
We are able to accept the following communication devices*:
Talk To Me Technology Devices
Prentke Romich Company (PRC) Devices
LC Technology Devices
Forbes Rehab Services (FRS) Devices
Tobii Dynavox I-Series Devices (I-12, I-12+, I-15, & I-15+)
*Please note: We cannot accept any communication devices that are not listed above.

**Acceptance of this item will be determined by the technicians upon pick-up.

Unacceptable Equipment

We are unable to accept the following items due to sanitary and financial reasons:
Air Mattresses
Tray Tables
Transfer Boards
Hospital Beds – of any kind
Recliner Lift Chairs
Toiletry Items – of any kind
Feeding tube formula
Ceiling Lifts
Vehicle Lifts 
- Portable Scooters
Semi-electric Hoyer Lifts 
Durable Medical Equipment with Missing Parts
Small Nondurable Equipment (Reachers, utensils, etc.)
Respiratory and Oxygen Equipment****
Roho Cushions**

****We are not able to house respiratory/oxygen equipment in our Loan Program as we do not have the appropriate respiratory health care professional on staff to assist in the setup, training and maintenance involved with using this equipment.  However, there are two respiratory companies that we refer to who are accepting donated respiratory equipment and work to place the equipment in homes of people with ALS who are in need. Please contact us for these local resources. 

If you are interested in making an equipment donation or have any questions, please email

For more information, contact:

Carmen Fuster