Call for Research Proposals
Seed Grants (2022)

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Letter of Intent due May 17, 2022

The ALS Association’s Seed Grants support generation of preliminary data that will ultimately serve as the basis for larger grants that fund impactful research in ALS.


The ALS Association Global Research Program leads the scientific community in finding effective treatments and cure for ALS, and a better life for people with ALS, their caregivers, and families. The ALS Association is the largest private philanthropic funder of ALS research worldwide, and our efforts have led to some of the most promising and significant advances in ALS research.

The ALS Association’s Seed Grant program seeks to fund research with a strong scientific rationale and potential for significant impact in ALS but limited preliminary data. These 1-year awards with a maximum budget of $50,000 should be used to gather preliminary data that will support future applications to larger grant award programs. 

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Topics of Interest (Scope)

For this funding opportunity we will accept applications from all scientific disciplines on topics that have the potential to ultimately transform the experience of ALS, by optimizing the care and treatments we have, finding new treatments and cures, and or preventing ALS. In addition to projects focused on ALS, projects that investigate the continuum of disease spanning ALS and FTD are in scope. We are especially interested in:

  • Drug target identification
  • Biomarkers
  • Prevention research
  • Clinical tools and techniques
  • Big data approaches
  • Assistive technology
  • Studies to document and reduce the harms of ALS on caregivers and families of people with ALS
  • Any other proposal with the potential to significantly improve the lives of those impacted by this disease

Please Note: Topics that will not be supported with this funding opportunity include: clinical trials, preclinical drug development activities (e.g. PK/PD or safety/tox studies), early drug discovery studies (e.g. high-throughput screening, hit-to-lead, lead optimization) and research infrastructure.

Funding and Eligibility

  • The maximum period of performance is one year
  • The maximum total budget is $50,000 (inclusive of both direct and indirect costs)
  • Indirect costs are limited to 10 percent of the total direct costs   
  • All funds must be expended within the approved period of performance
  • Salary and wages and fringe benefits of personnel other than the Principal Investigator are allowed
  • Salary and wages and fringe benefits of the Principal Investigator are allowed only when indirect costs are waived 


  • Letter of Intent Due Date: May 17, 2022, 5 p.m. US ET
  • Full Application Due Date (by invite only): July 19, 2022, 5 p.m. US ET
  • Anticipated Award Decision: September 2022
  • Anticipated Earliest Start Date: October 2022

Online Submission

To Register for a proposalCENTRAL account, create a new Letter of Intent or to access an existing saved Letter of Intent, please visit:

User Guides for proposalCENTRAL: 


We encourage inquiries concerning this funding opportunity and welcome the opportunity to answer questions from potential applicants. Submit general questions and other related correspondence to

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