Equipment Loan Closet

The Chapter's Equipment Loan Closet makes used and donated medical equipment available to persons living with ALS. Interested families can contact the Chapter's loan closet manager, Josh Mansfield, at or 216-306-0286 or call the office at 216-592-2572.

Please note: equipment availability is subject to change frequently. Except where noted below, all loans remain the property of the Chapter and must be returned when no longer in use.

A confirmation of diagnosis may be requested before loans can be approved. Some items may need approval or recommendation from a specialized therapist such as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, respiratory therapist, speech pathologist or nutritionist.

The ALS Office Storage Area

In most cases, items must be picked up and returned to the office. Items must be clean and sanitized before accepted into the loan closet. Delivery is sometimes available for larger items, however, it can take several weeks to arrange. 

Manual Wheelchairs: styles and sizes vary, and may range from transport models to standard models to large, non-folding custom seating with tilt/recline

Power Wheelchairs: styles and sizes vary and are subject to change. NOTE: All power wheelchair loans require a seat evaluation by a licensed OT, PT, seating specialist or ATP. If you do not have insurance, the Chapter can provide assistance with the cost of an evaluation.

Power scooters: styles and sizes vary and subject to change

Rollator style walkers: rollators are walkers with a seat and hand brakes

Bedside Commode and Roll in Shower Chairs: limited quantity (these cannot be returned to the loan closet once used)

For Information About Donating Equipment, Please Click Here

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