Whatever It Takes
Our Goal: By 2030, ALS Will Be a Livable Disease

What This Means

Longer Lives
  • Life-extending treatments made accessible to ALL people with ALS
  • Prevention of harms associated with ALS
Improved Quality of Life
  • People with ALS empowered to live their lives as they want
  • Greater engagement and autonomy
  • Reduced or prevented physical, emotional and financial burdens
Preventing Loved Ones from Getting ALS
  • Genetic screening to identify those as risk
  • Prevention of new cases of ALS

How We Get There

Find New Treatments & Cures
  • More clinical trials and participation with research
  • More focused research
Optimize Current Treatments & Care
  • Improve and deliver state of the art care
  • Improve assistive technology
Prevent or Delay Harms Associated with ALS
  • Identify risk factors
  • Treat as early as possible
  • Discover new preventative treatments

Our Immediate Priorities: Strategic Plan (2021-2024)

Whatever It Takes

The 2021-2024 Strategic Plan can be viewed or downloaded here.

2022 Year-End Report
With our focus on the sustained and consistent delivery of our mission, we are strengthening our commitment to accelerating research, providing critical care to people living with ALS and advocating for legislation that empowers the community.


Avi Kremer's Story

Understand why ensuring all people with ALS have access to effective treatments and care is so important.


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