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Starting at diagnosis, the ALS Association provides care services and support programs free of charge that help reduce financial burdens for those impacted by ALS as a supplemental support to state and federal programs.  

 Thanks to the efforts of people living with ALS in Ohio serving as ALS advocates, ALS Association staff as well as the State Advocacy Team, the Ohio General Assembly has approved 2 million dollars in funding to support ALS care in Ohio.  This act by the Ohio General Assembly will provide nearly 1 million dollars to support people living with ALS in northern Ohio, as well as fund vital care services programs and the expansion of several other programs.   

Funding will be used to support: 

ALS Care Grants (i.e., Quality of Life Grant) to people living with ALS in Northern Ohio. 

Recognizing the diverse types of challenges encountered in the progression of ALS, the program helps people with ALS, and their caregivers, to obtain in-home caregiving/respite care, transportation to and from medical appointments, to make necessary home modifications, to pay medical copays and equipment not covered by insurance or available in our loan closet program along with other important needs.  

Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic Access and Capacity Across Northern Ohio  

Clinic access is a critical need for Ohioans living with ALS. The ALS Association supports a network of healthcare centers that provide specialized multidisciplinary care for people living with ALS. We are also supporting creative strategies to expand access to ALS clinic telemedicine through our Assistive Technology Program.  The ALS Association truly provides care to everyone, everywhere until there is a cure.  

Expansion of the National Equipment Program, Assistive Technology Program and initiate a Ramp Re-Utilization Program 

According to people with ALS and their caregivers, the ALS Association’s equipment loan programs are the most utilized and valuable services. Thanks to strong partnerships, we currently have four loan closet locations throughout northern Ohio that house both complex rehabilitation and durable medical equipment (e.g., motorized wheelchairs, power patient lifts, rollators, rolling shower chairs, etc.), one assistive technology loan closet location that ships equipment to those in need throughout northern Ohio (e.g., communication devices, iPads, environmental home controls, automated/robotic feeding devices).  Funding through the Department of Health will also be used to add a ramp reutilization partnership that will store steel ramping materials and install ramps throughout northern Ohio. With this program investment, we will be able to store, maintain, deliver/pick-up, and expand equipment inventory at no charge and support more northern Ohio families in need.  

Our care services programs help bridge gaps and barriers to care in Ohio, decreasing the physical and emotional toll of living with ALS and improving overall well-being and quality of life for Ohio families impacted by the disease.  Until there is a cure, there’s care and hope provided by the ALS Association.

Community Partner Events

CPE event image

Through a Community Partner Event, you can raise critical funds for The ALS Association by putting together your own special event to help in our fight to cure and treat ALS. The types of events you can host are as limited as your imagination! By registering your event with ALS Association, we can offer businesses, organizations and individuals an opportunity to increase their recognition and outreach in the community. 

Click the box to learn how to host your own event!

Meet the Care Services Team

Meet the Care Services Team: Lisa, Amber, Jackie, Tracy, Josh, Lisa, and Sarah

The ALS Association Northern Ohio Care Services Team works to assist those with ALS and their loved ones to sort through the emotions and information that comes with a diagnosis of ALS/MND. The team, together with the client, creates a plan to address the needs identified as most important to the client and their loved ones. Starting with an intake interview, the care coordinator will identify areas of need such as information, referrals or support. The team members will respond to questions and concerns via phone, email or text depending on the communication preferences of the client. Information that may be discussed includes: information about the diagnosis, names of local and regional specialists and referral sources, research centers and clinical trial links, as well as determining your goals of care. The team can interface with the client and loved ones providing emotional support and guidance.  

Our local programs and services are geared to first provide desired information and if needed, financial assistance through The ALS Association and community resources. Our care coordinators are licensed professionals with extensive training in allied health care fields. It's all about meeting the client and helping each person figure out what's right for them and their family.

For more information, visit our Local Care Services page

Purchase Your ALS Awareness License Plate


The ALS Awareness License plate is now available through the Ohio BMV! This special interest license plate uses beautiful imagery to raise awareness for ALS. Every ALS Awareness License Plate purchase includes a $25 contribution that goes directly to The ALS Association Northern Ohio Chapter. Thank you to everyone who has made this project come to fruition. We can’t wait to see these meaningful license plates in action on the road! 

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Join the Walk Planning Committee

2023 Walk Committee Screenshot

Did you know that the Walk to Defeat ALS is the #1 way to unite and advocate for those living with ALS? Each year, the Walk drives bold and urgent innovation as we march together for a cure for ALS. No matter if you are living with ALS, a caregiver, parent, or sibling of someone with ALS, or are just someone who wants to support our mission, we encourage every one of you to get involved with one of our Walks.

One way to get involved is by joining our Walk planning committee. Meetings are held monthly to discuss not only Walk day logistics, but marketing and advocacy, corporate partners, and team development and fundraising. If you are interested in sharing your talents in any of these areas, please fill out our volunteer form and select Events under the Areas of Interest. Someone from our events staff will be in contact. 

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