The Legacy of Hugh Hoffman

Hugh Hoffman

Hugh Hoffman was a Cincinnati native who passed away in March 2023 at the age of 91. Hugh graduated from Yale University and eventually became a successful stockbroker and investment advisor. 

Throughout his life, and upon his death, he made several transformational donations, including to the ALS Association, the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. 

When he was 11, Hugh lost his father, Herbert, to ALS.

ALS is still a fatal disease without a cure.

Hugh Hoffman wanted to ensure that families in the future will not have to lose their loved ones to ALS. Hoffman’s $58 million gift to the ALS Association is believed to be the largest single philanthropic gift made to an ALS organization.

The Hugh and Herbert Hoffman ALS Fund will go toward ensuring that new treatments are being advanced, as well as improving ALS clinics and increasing patient access.

Our Uncle Hugh was an incredibly generous, kind man of great integrity who wanted to give back. He lived a modest life, which enabled him to make truly transformative donations after his death. His generosity speaks volumes about the sort of person he was.”  
Steve Bullock
Hugh Hoffman's nephew
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