How to Find Critical Resources and Support for People Living With ALS

Whatever It Takes

As we continue to do whatever it takes to make ALS a livable disease, we are sharing some of the many resources we have available for the ALS community to help educate, inform and guide you through the ALS journey.

The first place to start is our website,, which contains comprehensive, critical information for anyone impacted by ALS. The site includes extensive education about the disease, the latest information about our worldwide research collaboration and comprehensive care, where you can find local resources and support, how we can help ease the emotional and financial burdens of living with the disease and how you can get involved in the fight.

Our weekly blog posts provide up-to-date in-depth insights and commentary on the most pressing issues affecting the ALS community, along with timely resources and disease education. You’ll also find stories from real people living with the disease and their families, sharing their personal experiences and accounts of what it’s truly like living with ALS.

Connecting ALS, our weekly podcast, amplifies concerns, guidance, and insights for the ALS community. Our hosts are joined by high-profile figures fighting on the frontline to talk about the most pressing issues facing people living with ALS today.  It also provides a unique opportunity to share stories, advice and raise awareness through the lens of those who have experienced ALS as a caregiver, family member or person living with ALS.

Recently we launched a new monthly subscription-based research newsletter, Research Matters, where you can learn more about what some of the world’s leading ALS researchers and scientists are working on as they continue their search for a cure, as well as updates on new treatments currently in clinical trials. The publication also includes the latest news and scientific developments from the ALS space. Read the first issue here and subscribe today.

And if you happened to miss anything, fear not — we also have another subscription-based monthly e-newsletter that encompasses all of the major ALS news and stories from across our key mission areas including our worldwide research collaboration, advocacy, and care, delivered directly to your inbox.

Together, we will do whatever it takes to create a world without ALS.


Submitted by: Kimberly T. on Sun, 08/22/2021

My son's father (my ex) is in end stages. Looking for funding advice.

Submitted by: Amy L. on Mon, 08/23/2021

Hi Kimberly. So sorry to hear ALS has touched your life. Please contact your local ALS Association chapter ( They can provide information, resources, and support.

Submitted by: Marilyn S. on Fri, 09/03/2021

I've lived with ALS for 14 years now so know all about the disease, served on the BOD of the Mass ALSA, and am a NEALS research ambassador. What I desperately need is a place to live, my life has become intolerable! Please help!!!

Submitted by: David R. on Wed, 10/06/2021

I'm looking for information on a grant from a ex Baltimore Ravens player, If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Submitted by: Amy L. on Thu, 10/07/2021

Hi David. You may be thinking of the Brigance Brigade Foundation ( Your local ALS Association chapter ( can provide information and resources specific to your area, so they may be able to help you find this information.

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