Feeding Tubes: What You Need to Know to Help in Decision Making

Feeding tube

In most people’s journey living with ALS, they will be faced with the decision of using a feeding tube to help maintain proper nutrition and enhance their quality of life. As part of the ALS strategic care planning process, it is important for patients to proactively discuss options with their multidisciplinary care team, weighing the pros and cons, and understanding how their decision will affect their overall quality of life.

In recognition of Feeding Tube Awareness Week, we want to recognize the importance of feeding tubes for people living with ALS. The following resources have been developed to provide you with the knowledge you need to help make this decision with the minimum amount of stress and difficulty. 

We felt some relief that he could feel better and stronger if he chose the feeding tube, and he did. One benefit was that they said he would be able to either eat by mouth or use the feeding tube."
Brenda Kraft
Caregiver for her husband living with ALS

Additional information regarding feeding tubes and nutrition can be obtained from your physician, dietitian or ALS health care team. Your local ALS Association chapter can provide educational resources and a referral to an ALS Association Certified Treatment Center of Excellence.

To continue to learn more about ALS and follow stories about people living with the disease in the community, follow our blog at ALS.org/blog.

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