ALS Advocacy Action Month Starts Today!

ALS Advocates

August is ALS Advocacy Action Month, an opportunity for you to join with other advocates in your own home state and push for changes in policies that affect the lives of people with ALS.

Throughout this month, grassroots ALS advocates from across the United States will engage with key members of Congress who are decision makers on federal appropriations for ALS research. Advocates will share their personal experience with ALS and urge members of Congress to increase funding of critical research to find new treatments and a cure.

When we join together as ALS advocates, we can make real change happen. Here are eight easy ways you can get involved and help make change for people living with ALS and their families.


Become an Advocate – Use your voice and experience to inform legislators about the critical needs of people living with ALS, their families and caregivers. As an ALS Advocate, you can build relationships with your lawmakers that can help advance legislation, create and improve policies, and change laws to help the thousands of people living with ALS. Sign up TODAY!

Sign up for Text Alerts – Receive up to the minute advocacy alerts and updates on your mobile phone by texting “ALS” to 855-469-2621.

Call your Representative - Learn more about your legislators, the issues they support, and how you can contact them directly. Call your member’s district office and let them know why increasing ALS research funding is important to you.

Write a Letter to the Editor – Letters to the Editor can be a powerful tool to help shape public opinion, share your experience with others or just inform the public about ALS and the challenges people face when impacted by the disease. Write to news outlets to engage your community about the need to increase funding for ALS research.


Stop by your District Office – Drop by and deliver information about ALS research funding to your Member of Congress. We have helpful tools and resources you can use to be an effective advocate this month and all year long. Visit our online Advocacy Resource Center.

Send a Letter - Personalize our ALS funding research letter and send it to your Member of Congress to let them know about the various issues that are important to you and your loved ones impacted by ALS.

Use Social Media - Follow us on our social channels: FacebookTwitterInstagram, or LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest news from the ALS community. And don’t forget to tweet your Member of Congress and ask them to increase ALS research funding.


Share your ALS Story – Whether as a person living with ALS or as a caregiver or loved one to someone living with the disease, sharing your story can help others in the ALS community and beyond feel connected to the impact ALS has on the people it touches.

We are committed to making ALS a livable disease for everyone, everywhere, until a cure is found. That means continuing to support research in the search for new treatments, while advocating with our legislators on behalf of the community and improving access to the critical care people with ALS and their families need regardless of where they live. Join us today!

To learn more about how you can become an advocate and join the fight to help the ALS community, visit our website HERE.

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Submitted by: Laurie O. on Thu, 08/03/2023

Thank you for your emails, what a wicked a cruel disease this is no doubt, keep up the fantastic work, you are not alone~

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