People Living with ALS Cannot Wait for Government Funding


The ALS Association is deeply concerned and disappointed about the delay in FY24 government funding. ALS research needs to be funded and increased—NOW. People living with ALS cannot wait.

Delays in new funding for ALS threatens the progress and potential breakthroughs in the fight against ALS; it means delaying hope for those battling this terrible disease; it means delaying the chance to improve the lives of ALS patients and, ultimately, to find a cure. Research into ALS is critical not only for understanding the disease better but also for developing effective treatments and, ultimately, finding a cure.

We recognize the complexities of the budgetary process and the competing demands for government resources. However, we believe that ALS research is a matter of utmost urgency and deserving of immediate attention. The delay in appropriations for ALS research funding jeopardizes the momentum gained in recent years and places undue burdens on those living with ALS and their loved ones.

We call upon policymakers to prioritize ALS research and swiftly appropriate the necessary funds to support innovative research initiatives, clinical trials and the development of potential treatments.

Click here and urge Congress to act now, prioritize ALS research and ensure those living with ALS receive the support they deserve.