A Government Shutdown Will Harm People Living with ALS and Their Families


The possibility of a government shutdown could have far-reaching and disastrous consequences for people living with ALS and those who depend on government-funded programs and support systems. A shutdown will disrupt the vital services and resources that many individuals with ALS and their families rely on daily.

Here are some potential impacts of a government shutdown on people living with ALS:

  1. Access to Medical Care: Many people living with ALS rely on government-funded healthcare programs such as Medicare and Medicaid to access essential medical services, medication, and assistive devices. A shutdown could disrupt these services, leading to interruptions in care and potentially compromising quality of life.
  2. Research Funding: ALS research is heavily dependent on federal funding. A government shutdown could jeopardize funding for ongoing research initiatives aimed at better understanding the disease, developing potential treatments, and ultimately finding a cure.
  3. Social Services: ALS affects not only physical health, but also emotional and social well-being. Government shutdowns can result in the suspension or reduction of critical social services and support programs, making it more challenging for individuals with ALS and their families to cope with the daily challenges of the disease.
  4. Disability Benefits: Many people with ALS rely on disability benefits to cover their living expenses. A government shutdown may lead to delays in processing disability claims and disbursements, causing additional financial strain and uncertainty for those already grappling with the high costs associated with ALS.
  5. Advocacy and Awareness: Government shutdowns can divert attention away from crucial healthcare issues, including ALS advocacy and awareness efforts. We must ensure that the voices of those living with ALS are not silenced during these challenging times.

We strongly encourage members of Congress to urgently deliver a resolution that includes funding research for ALS and ensures people living with ALS do not lose access to critical resources and care.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing support, resources, and hope to individuals and families impacted by this disease. We will be closely monitoring the situation and will do everything and anything in our power to mitigate the potential impacts of a government shutdown on the ALS community.

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