Fighting to Ensure Better Access to ALS Clinic Care for Everyone Who Needs It

On behalf of everyone living with ALS and their families, the ALS Association sent a letter this week to members of the House and Senate demonstrating our support for the passing of the ALS Better Care Act which will increase access to multidisciplinary care clinics for people living with ALS. 

“Multidisciplinary care is considered the optimal standard for ALS care, it extends and improves the lives of people living with ALS,” wrote Calaneet Balas, President and CEO of the ALS Association. “These clinics provide an array of health care services in one visit which reduces the physical, emotional, and financial stress of visiting numerous health care providers, and allows individuals living with ALS to spend more of their limited time with loved ones.”

If passed, the ALS Better Care Act would create a $800 supplemental payment to cover costs that Medicare currently does not pay for at ALS clinics, helping ensure people living with ALS and their families have access to the essential care they need.

“The ALS Association is committed to doing everything we can to increase equitable access to our network of certified multidisciplinary ALS clinics across the country. We are hopeful that Congress will partner with us and the entire ALS community to achieve this goal.”

Read the full letter here.

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