Expand Telehealth Access Permanently


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every part of our daily lives and is felt most acutely in our access to health care. That’s why we’re joining the American Academy of Neurology and other patient advocacy organizations this week to speak up for telehealth.

Historic changes in telehealth were made in response to COVID-19 that marked a big step forward in the use of digital technology to deliver health care. We need Congress to pass legislation to ensure expanded use of this vital health care tool is permanent. Send a letter to your members of Congress today urging them to support permanent access to telehealth.

Even before the pandemic, people living with ALS faced challenges in receiving the best health care possible. From living in a rural location, to decreased mobility and the need for specialized transportation, to the risk of exposure to other illnesses, traditional in-person doctors’ visits presented many barriers.

Telehealth can provide a safe and effective way for people living with ALS to receive care from medical providers and specialists. But Congress must act to ensure access to telehealth continues beyond the pandemic. Tell your members of Congress to support this critical health care lifeline.

By speaking up for telehealth this week, we can ensure that all people living with ALS can live their lives to the fullest during this pandemic and beyond.