Congressional “Dear Colleague” Letter Circulated to Increase Federal Funding for ALS


The U.S. House and Senate are preparing legislation that determines how much will be spent on research. It’s important that ALS research requests are at the top of the “must have” lists for appropriations. To do that, we need as many members as possible of the House and Senate to sign “Dear Colleague” letters committing to support increased funding for ALS.  

It’s important that all ALS advocates make a direct request that their senators and representatives sign the ALS “Dear Colleague” letter

This year, ALS advocates are asking Congress to:

  • Fully fund the ACT for ALS Act at $100 million:
          $25 million in funding for FDA’s Rare Neurodegenerative Disease Grant Program for research on ALS and other diseases.
          $75 million in funding for NIH’s expanded access grant program to provide people living with ALS access to experimental therapies who are not eligible to participate in clinical trials.
  • $80 million for the Department of Defense ALS research program to find new treatments and cures for veterans who are twice as likely to develop ALS than civilians.
  • $15 million for the Centers for Disease Control National ALS Registry and Biorepository and for research on ALS prevention strategies for members of our military.
  • $150 million at the National Institutes of Health for ALS research that supports new treatment options and cures.

Be an advocate and join the fight for ALS research!

Encourage your lawmakers to sign on to our “Dear Colleagues” letter NOW.