ALS Association Urging Congress to Act on Justice for ALS Veterans Act


The ALS Association is leading a fight to increase support for The Justice for ALS Veterans Act. The bill would make sure spouses of veterans who lose their battle with ALS are not denied access to survival benefits they are owed.

Because military veterans are at a greater risk of being diagnosed with ALS than those who did not serve in the military, ALS is considered a service-connected disease. For veterans who die as a result of a service-related disease, their families are eligible for an increased compensation benefit.

However, to be eligible, the veteran must live with the service-related disease for a period of 8 years. This is unfair to the families of veterans with ALS since life expectancy upon diagnosis is between 2-5 years.

The Justice for ALS Veterans Act, which was introduced in the House and Senate in 2021, would make it possible for surviving spouses of veterans who die from ALS to receive the increased Dependency and Indemnity Compensation regardless of how long their loved one lived with the disease after diagnosis. 

Through your advocacy, your members of Congress can change the requirements for this benefit so veterans with ALS and their families are treated fairly and receive the benefits they earned. Click here to ask your Representative and Senators to Cosponsor and pass the Justice for ALS Veterans Act.