The ALS Association Applauds President Signing FAA Reauthorization Bill, Delivering Improved Air Travel for People with ALS

Signed Bill Means Safer Skies for Passengers with ALS

ARLINGTON, VA [May 17, 2024] – The ALS Association celebrates a major victory for people living with ALS, as President Biden signs the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2024 into law. This critical legislation, which Congress passed earlier this month, mandates significant improvements in air travel accessibility for all passengers, including those living with ALS.

New protections in the law include comprehensive training on properly handling motor wheelchairs during boarding, ensuring appropriate seating arrangements for passengers with disabilities, provisions for reserving onboard wheelchairs to facilitate mobility and improved evacuation procedures to prioritize the safety of passengers with disabilities.

People living with ALS often encounter serious problems when traveling by air, including personal injury, wheelchair damage, and discriminatory treatment. The ALS Association played a crucial role in advocating for the passage of this legislation, recognizing the importance of accessible travel for individuals living with ALS and their families.

“We are gratified that the new law will make it easier for people with ALS to travel to their ALS clinics for treatment in addition to seeing friends and family,” said Kathleen Sheehan, vice president of public policy. “We look forward to working with the Administration on regulations and with airlines to improve the safety and dignity of people living with ALS who travel by air."  

Kathleen Sheehan, vice president of public policy continued, "This legislation is a step in the right direction in the ongoing fight for broader accessibility, a fight that extends beyond travel and into every aspect of daily life for people with ALS.”

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