Medical Equipment Loan Closet

Program Overview 

The Medical Equipment Loan Closet Program provides much needed assistive technology and durable medical equipment to individuals living with ALS.  The ALS Association partners with medical equipment vendors throughout  the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area to store, deliver, and pick-up the equipment. The items located in our loan closets are most often donated to us by individuals who no longer need them or have been purchased new through grants and other financial support we receive. The types of equipment typically available in our loan closet include power wheelchairs, Hoyer lifts, manual and transport wheelchairs, rollators, transfer boards, rolling shower chairs, communication devices, and more. To learn more about durable medical equipment, click here .

Equipment loaned through our Loan Closet Program is available at no cost to individuals served by our Association and is loaned out for as long as needed.  Last fiscal year, we loaned 906 pieces of assistive technology and durable medical equipment across Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia reducing financial costs, improving equipment access, safety, and overall quality of life.  Our Loan Closet Program is one of our most utilized programs and very important to the individuals and families we serve.  

Loan Closet Program Equipment Requests

Loan Closet Program Equipment Donations

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