You Can Make a Difference on Global ALS/MND Awareness Day 2023


As everyone in the community knows, ALS does not discriminate. ALS affects people regardless of sex, race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status and it doesn’t concern itself with nationality or borders. For every person diagnosed, the impact of the disease will forever be felt by their loved ones, regardless of where they live or what language they speak.

Every year on June 21, The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations marks Global ALS/MND Awareness Day, a day of recognition for people living with ALS/MND around the world, and of those everywhere working in the search for causes, treatments and ultimately a cure.

Informed by people living with ALS and ALS caregivers, the Alliance is a global network of ALS/MND associations working together to build capabilities for its members and connections to external stakeholders. “Collectively we all work towards the vision of a world free of ALS/MND,” says Catherine Cummings, executive director of the organization.

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The Alliance has both the vision and potential to foster the kind of international collaborations that will result in faster and more cost-effective research as well as broader access to therapies, assistive technology, and consistent standards of care."
Calaneet Balas
President and CEO of The ALS Association and Current Board Chair of The International Alliance

Global Day is an opportunity for everyone, everywhere in the ALS/MND community to get involved. Here are some ways you can participate TODAY:

  • Add your voice to The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations 2023 Fundamental Rights Survey, designed to gain insights from people with ALS and those who care for or have cared for someone with the disease about the global picture of access to these rights.
  • Like and share our social media posts today on Facebook and Instagram to help spread information and education about ALS/MND. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #ALSMNDWithoutBorders! 
  • Share our new My ALS Journey™ tool on social media. Developed in consultation with the ALS community, My ALS Journey™ is designed to put individuals living with ALS in the driver’s seat of their own healthcare journey.
  • Make a donation in recognition of Global ALS/MND Awareness Day. Your support will make a difference in the lives of many by helping us accelerate research, advocate for policy change, and provide critical care for families impacted by ALS.
  • Start a Global ALS Awareness Day fundraiser on your Facebook page to share with your family and friends and encourage them to get involved.
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Join us in the fight today, help spread the word. It will take all of us, working together around the globe, to create a world without ALS. And thank you for your support of people with ALS and their families on this Global ALS/MND Awareness Day, and every day.

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