“Unlock ALS” Takes on an Exciting New Look at Walk to Defeat ALS® Events this Spring

Walk Team

Spring feels like it’s just around the corner for most of us, and that means ALS communities nationwide are preparing to kick off their 2022 Walk to Defeat ALS® events. And if the hard work and dedication we see each year from our incredible volunteers and families is any indication, it’s sure to be yet another amazing opportunity to join the fight for all those impacted by ALS.

Little walker

Last year, more than 37,000 people in communities across the country participated in 169 Walk to Defeat® events. From car parades in Florida to virtual “Walk in Your Neighborhood” celebrations in the Northwest, the ALS community found unique, safe ways to gather in honor of loved ones with the disease, to remember those who have passed, and to raise awareness and critical funds to support the fight against ALS.

walk participants

To make this season even more special, last October we called upon people across the US to showcase their design talents and show their support for the ALS community by entering a Nationwide T-Shirt Design Contest. The contest prize? The winning design would appear on the official t-shirt for all 2022 Walk to Defeat ALS® events across the country!

Submissions needed to follow the overarching walk theme of Unlock ALS. Initially launched in 2018, the theme provides a way to honor all those living with ALS in our community and throughout the world, and a reminder that the key to Unlocking ALS – the key to a cure – begins with us.

Walk Shirt

Along with numerous other designers, Anne Fahey answered the call and was voted the lucky winner. Anne, a graphic designer in Princeton, New Jersey, was diagnosed in 2020 with bulbar onset ALS. She said she is grateful for the dedicated support and resources of the entire ALS community, especially from The ALS Association Greater New York and Greater Philadelphia Chapters, and her design is a fantastic visual representation encompassing the Unlock ALS walk theme.

The Walk to Defeat ALS® continues to make a tremendous impact nationwide for people living with ALS and their families. And it’s all because of the hard work, kindness and generosity of people like you — volunteers, donors, participants, families, and sponsors. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done, and continue to do, for the ALS community. Congratulations Anne!

To find out more information about the Walk to Defeat ALS® or to find out how you can get involved in an event near you, visit our website HERE.


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