Amylyx Files NDA for AMX0035


Congrats and thank you to Amylyx Pharmaceuticals for moving swiftly to submit AMX0035 for approval. Thank you to ALL who advocated for this. We are urging the FDA to approve with urgency. Read more:

To hear more about the path to bringing AMX0035 to people with ALS, check out this discussion on Connecting ALS.


Submitted by: kevin C. on Sat, 01/29/2022

I have an ALS diagnosis and want to join to keep up with the progress for new treatments and am a proponent of Right to try Act. The Right to Try Act signed in 2018 avail us to try any drug that has reached Phase I. Our physicians must contact the sponsor of the drug to give their consent, we should not need the FDA to get any of these new meds, including AMX0035

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