ALS Awareness Month: How our fight continues

2020 ALS Awareness Month

May is ALS Awareness Month. Of course, this year is different than past years as the world has changed significantly in the face of a global pandemic. However, ALS doesn’t stop and neither will we. During the month of May we have a full calendar to increase awareness of ALS and of the severe physical, emotional, and financial burdens it creates for people living with the disease and their families. We’ll be talking about the disease and its burdens in the context of the COVID-19 public health crisis, which exacerbates the difficulties people living with ALS already face in number.

Because of their vulnerability to the disease, people living with ALS and their caregivers are practicing extreme social distancing, living in isolation, and unable to access traditional care and resources. Since the pandemic reached the United States, The ALS Association has been working around the clock to adapt essential care services to virtual and online platforms, and advocating tirelessly in Washington, D.C., to make sure those living with ALS are not left behind as important stimulus packages and other legislation are being considered.

We are adapting and expanding services to ensure the safety of the ALS community every day and are grateful to have your ongoing support to ensure that we will continue to meet the mandate of our mission, even in these uncertain and unprecedented times. 

We have a lot of information and opportunities to share in the weeks ahead, including our celebrations of #GivingTuesdayNow on May 5, ALS Youth Action Day on May 16, Mothers Day, and Memorial Day. We also invite you to a series of webinars around ALS Advocacy and our June 2 Virtual Hill Day.

Please continue to follow our blog, our social media and our podcast, Connecting ALS, throughout the month of May so you don’t miss our activities and information.

Pandemic or not, we’re committed to ending ALS. We’re all in this fight together.

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