Local Care Services
Local Care Services
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Local Care Services

The ALS Association offers a full range of services to guide and assist you as you learn more about ALS. Here, you will find pertinent information for patients, caregivers, family members, friends, and healthcare workers. Our staff is available Monday through Friday to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us for more information click here

Our services unite patients, caregivers, and volunteers in the community to enable patients to sustain independence as long as possible and retain dignity throughout the journey.

All services available through The ALS Association are provided at no cost to the patient.

Home Visit Program
Care Services Coordinators offer one-on-one personal visits to the home to provide personalized information, referrals, and site assessment for home modification and other needs.

ALS Care Clinic
The ALS Association is proud to be an affiliate of four multidisciplinary ALS clinics across Alabama.

Respite Care
Respite Care allows primary family caregivers to have time away from their patient care duties to prevent burnout and to promote well-being for both the caregiver and person living with ALS.

Information Services
We provide educational and practical information on ALS to patients, caregivers, and the community. Check back often for information and upcoming events.

Support Groups
Dealing with ALS is physically, emotionally, and financially devastating for a person living with ALS and their support system. Monthly Support Groups provide many opportunities to learn more about living with ALS from others who understand the challenges and establishes a network of sustained support.

Equipment Loans
We maintain a loan closet of durable medical equipment for patient care and comfort, as well as specialized augmentative communication equipment. The equipment is available for loan to those who do not have insurance coverage or for those who are awaiting insurance approval.

If you are interested in donating equipment to our Equipment Loan Closet, please review the Equipment Loan Program Donation Guidelines and fill out an In Kind Donation Form to be given to Melissa Enfinger, Director of Care Services.  

Home Modification
People living with ALS often need significant home modifications, such as wheelchair ramps and patient lifts, to continue to live independently in their own homes. The ALS Association helps with the installation and funding of many of these important projects.

Transportation Assistance
ALS families may require aid for out of town specialist appointments or general transportation expenses. It is important that people living with ALS have access to physician and therapist appointments for managing symptoms and also be able to attend support group functions and other quality of life events.

Alabama Application for Disabled / Handicap Tags or Parking Permits

Grant Application for Equipment, Home Modification, or Transportation Assistance

Other specific programs are available related to individual needs of people living with ALS and their primary caregivers.

For availability and more information, please call us at (800) 664-1242 or email us at [email protected].

Helping Teens Cope with ALS
Learning how to cope when a family member or someone close to you is diagnosed with ALS is very difficult. While children and teens experience the same pain, anger, frustration and confusion that adults do, their needs vary widely depending on their age and maturity level. It can be very challenging to know how best to help children and teens that see a parent, grandparent, or other family member progress with ALS. The most important thing that you can do is speak with them sooner rather than later. They will undoubtedly have questions about the disease process itself and understanding this process will help them cope when it progresses. Read the complete article on helping teens deal with ALS and grief.  

The Steve Pesto Resource Center

The Steve Pesto Resource Center

Steve Pesto of Madison, AL was a founding member and Director of the ALSA-Alabama Chapter. Steve used his incredible engineering talents and creativity to design and document many different Aids to Daily Living devices and other equipment very useful to PALS at all stages. His short whitepaper, "Steve's Tips for Daily Living with ALS" is available upon request from the Chapter. Sadly, Steve lost his long battle with ALS in 2006, but his efforts to help PALS everywhere live on and are in daily use by dozens of PALS in Alabama and elsewhere. This page is dedicated to Steve and his family who have done so much for ALSA and the ALS community.

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Local Care Services