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The CheeseWheel

Our story with the ALSA Wisconsin Chapter goes back to 2005. What started as a simple idea (have fun with your car and raise money for those in need) grew over the years to be a significant part of who we are today. We started “Cheese Wheel, Inc.” as a side hobby for nonprofit fundraising. Over the last 17 years we’ve stayed true to our mission statement:

We are committed to organizing one of a kind, high quality, automotive experiences with the sole purpose of raising money for those in need.

Although we’ve donated to all sorts of Wisconsin focused charities over the years, we have a special spot in our hearts for ALSA Wisconsin Chapter; one of the first benefactors we picked back in 2005.
We kicked off this legacy by organizing “Wisconsin’s Coast-to-Coast Charity Road Rally.” A one-day, 450mile drive from the shore of Lake Michigan to the shore of Lake Superior. Over 10 years later the event was converted into a day-long scavenger hunt where people would get points for finding predetermined unique places. During this time we would expand to 5 events a year; including Time-Speed-Distance road rallies where participants follow a predetermined route and to keep everyone safe they are given an average speed to follow while on route. 

The Goal:  Arrive at your checkpoints EXACTLY when we plan for you to. 

For 7 years we ran the very successful Swan City Car Show in Beaver Dam, WI. The Subaru FL4TFEST at Madison International Speedway (which now offers a car show, autocross, 300ft drag races, and a homegrown overland course and trail for off-road fans), and the Overland Adventure where people spend 3 days driving some amazing off-road trails and camp with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts.

Over 50+ events later we wrapped up 2021 with a record donation year of $20,000 and an inclusive donation total of $133,000.


Now more than ever communities need to step up and find unique ways to raise funds to support organizations like ALSA. We’ve had discussions with people and organizations from all over; the introduction to Covid into our lives has significantly disrupted communities' ability to fundraise. Cancelled events and routines have dried these funnels up. Our leadership teams have continued to step up and donated 1000s of hours of their time to make these events a success. 

It’s extremely rewarding and the greatest part about this story is that it continues into 2022 and beyond! 

Energized by our past successes, Brian and I have been preparing ourselves for the past 3 years to enter into Off-Road Desert Racing…

You heard us!  Two Wisconsin guys are planning to tackle some of the toughest landscapes out there. 

Not unlike ALS, it takes endurance, grit, and determination to make it through these races. 

New in '22: we're super excited to be launching a new race team called 5and2 Motorsports and that we are still operating as a fundraising funnel for the ALSA Wisconsin Chapter. We’ve set our sights on racing in the TrophyLite Race Series and are planning to race in the Baja, Nevada, this May. This 600+ mile, one-day, race is organized by the Legacy Racing Association and takes place in the desert around Las Vegas. It is expected to take well over 12hrs to complete. This race will be a great test for us as we work to raise awareness of ALS and financial support for the Wisconsin Chapter.

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The TrophyLite truck program is a very unique one; it’s considered a “spec” class and the rule book limits the modifications to ensure the trucks are all the same. They are designed to put Driver against Driver and is ultra competitive. “Spending your way to the podium” isn’t a concern and we feel this is a great starting point. TrophyLite provides full race support; they will prep trucks for teams, manage replacement parts, and cover all chase/pit support needs. All we need to do is show up with a truck and race!

As with everything we've done in the past, this is a way for our community to come together raising funds and awareness for the ALSA Wisconsin Chapter.

Here are some ways you can get involved and be a part of our race team:

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  • Direct Donations - 100% of these funds come back to the Wisconsin Chapter - $100 gets your name on the hood!
  • Sponsorship Options - 25% of proceeds come back to the Wisconsin Chapter, email 5and2 Motorsports directly for more information and to become a sponsor.
  • Follow/share social media - the more the merrier, let's spread the word about our off-road adventure!

We're so excited to launch this in 2022 and we look forward to seeing you at the Walks this Fall!

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Author Information:
Aaron Guell & Brian Apple_Cheesewheel

Aaron Guell, President of Cheese Wheel, Inc. shared the history of the CheeseWheel making tracks for ALS Awareness and in support of Wisconsin Families Living with ALS. This is one fun, creative way to support our chapter; past, present and future. Let's keep this thing rolling!

Thank You, Aaron and Brian - be safe out there.