My name is Peggy Jennerman and my husband, Dave, has ALS

The Jennermans

The Jennerman's Journey with ALS

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My husband Dave was diagnosed with ALS in September of 2021; I want to tell you a little about him.

He went straight into the Air Force after graduating high school and spent 21 years in the service before retiring. We found each other later in life and spent our time motorcycling and helping others. We were members of the Patriot Guard Riders and biked in many fundraisers for MS and the Army. Dave has always been a giver, whether it be mowing lawns, or helping to fix neighborhood kids' cars.

"When Dave started to ail, it was devastating for him and our family."

He began to fall and experience weakness in his muscles. He brushed it off as age and flair ups of previous pain. When no treatments helped the pain, I called a family friend who worked as a nurse at the hospital. The tests they ran finally gave us an answer, but it was one we never expected nor wanted.

You never expect something like this – something that completely turns your life upside down.

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When Dave lost his ability to walk, we faced obstacles we couldn’t pass. Most upsetting was missing Dave’s mother’s funeral because I was not able to transport Dave there.

Dave needed a Go Chair, one that came apart and could fit in my car. I was finally directed to the ALS Association by a woman Dave knew from school.

That call changed everything.

Our coordinator, Diane, was the best thing that could have happened. When we told Diane our situation, she secured the exact chair we needed from the ALS Association’s Equipment Loan Program.


The Wisconsin Chapter of the ALS Association staff and its programs helped our family, and they have helped countless before us. Support, like yours, allows them to continue this work.

ALS still does not have a cure, but the devastation it causes is hurting families now.

Dave and I are not the type to fuss and we would rather help others than ask for help, but we were lucky and grateful for the help we were given. I urge you to support our cause and just know that you will be providing vital help to families like ours.


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Peggy & Dave Jennerman live in Northwest Wisconsin, and shared their story in Peggy's own words.