ALS Support Amendment added to Ohio's House Bill 33

As you may have read in our last issue, the Ohio Budget Bill process originates from the Ohio House Finance Committee. Advocates and key stakeholders from Ohio provided personal testimony in support of the ALS Amendment on March 28, 2023. See the recording here: ALS Proposed Amendment 

The Ohio House overwhelmingly supported the addition of the ALS Support Amendment and passed the Budget Bill to the Ohio Senate Finance Committee. June 6, 2023, the Senate Finance Committee revealed their version of alternate House Bill 33 (HB33) in which the ALS Amendment was included. Funding from the Ohio Budget begins on July 1 and represents a 2-year budget. We remain optimistic that legislators will continue to support those living with ALS in Ohio. To see a list of Ohio Senate Finance Committee members, please follow this link: Ohio Finance Committee 

For more information, contact:
Lisa Bruening
Director of Care Services
(216) 867-1262