Stomp Out ALS - A Derby Day Event

Stomp Out ALS Collage

When Jack Hyatt was diagnosed with ALS in 2015, he and his daughter Brandi attended South Florida support groups hosted by The ALS Association Florida Chapter. Jack traveled back and forth between Texas and Florida, but only visited support group with her here. Jack also borrowed equipment from our Equipment Loan Program.

“The support group helped us meet other families who were also struggling which was helpful for coping. My kids and I wanted to help other families and raise money to give back to the association that helped us.”

Brandi had an emotionally difficult time attending the Palm Beach Walk to Defeat ALS ® in 2016, but ultimately decided she’d still participate in future events as long as she could wrap-up fundraising efforts with a fun-themed party each year. Her dad loved social engagements and parties. However in 2017, Jack got really sick and they had to cancel the inaugural event. He ended up passing away that year.

“I felt so hopeless and angry when my dad got diagnosed. ALS is a horrible disease that took my dad away from me and his grandkids."

After Jack’s passing, Stomp Out ALS started in 2018, centered around the Kentucky Derby - getting dressed up, wearing big hats, eating delicious Southern-themed food and baked goods, picking horses and other Derby-related activities. The event has continued every year, with the exception of 2020 due to the pandemic. 

On Saturday, May 7th, 2022, Stomp Out ALS raised over $2,000 with around 25 attendees. It raised $3,000 last year, but Brandi has her donors activated throughout her continual support of the Chapter. She also participated in two Fall 2021 events including the Palm Beach Walk to Defeat ALS ® - Car Parade of Hope and the Run 90 Miles Challenge we held in November.    

If you’re looking to get involved in Palm Beach, be sure to join Team Hyatt in our Palm Beach Walk to Defeat ALS® on November 12, 2022.

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