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A trackball is a good alternative to a standard computer mouse. The benefit of a trackball is that it does not require major arm movement like a standard mouse. Also, if you have decreased use of you arms and hands, you may still be able to use a trackball.

The type of trackball that is usually most helpful to PALS is one that has a large ball in the center.

Kensington Expert Mouse.
Big trackball
BIGtrack Trackball. Has Switch Adapted Version for Clicking. These type of trackballs allows the user to move the ball to move the pointer on the screen. Then the clicking can be done by the buttons around the ball.

If you have good fine motor skills, another option could be a mini trackball:

mini trackball

Trackballs can be purchased at many local stores that carry computer equipment, such as Staples, Office Depot, CompUSA, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. Here are a few websites that also have this type of trackball:

A trackball that has a small ball off to one side is not recommended for PALS.

mini trackball
This type of trackball limits access to the ball and can be difficult for PALS to access.

More Computer software and hardware products available to PALS:

Onscreen Keyboard
Head Mouse
Mouseless Browsing

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