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3-in-1 Commode

If you are having trouble accessing the toilet, there is a product that can help you. This item is called a 3-in-1 Commode.

3-in-1 Commode

It is called a 3-in-1 Commode because it can be used for the following purposes:

  1. It can be used bedside as a stand alone commode.
  2. The bucket can be removed, and it can be placed over a toilet. The height can be adjusted, effectively raising the toilet seat height.
  3. When placed over the toilet, the armrests can be utilized as a toilet seat safety frame. This gives a stable arm rests to help with getting on/off the toilet.

This item may be covered by your insurance, ask for a prescription from your doctor and contact any medical supply company who accepts your insurance.

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