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Computer Access

Mouseless Browsing

There is a feature of Mozilla Firefox that allows fast browsing of the internet without the use of a mouse.

First, you must install Mozilla Firefox and use this software as your internet browser. To download Firefox, go to

Once Firefox is installed, you need to add-on the feature of mouseless browsing. From search for "mouseless browsing" and the add-on will come up in the searches. Install the add-on.

For more detailed information, go to:

The basic idea is that once you have the feature installed and configured, it will make it much quicker to navigate web pages without using a mouse. You can use a standard keyboard or an onscreen keyboard to access the links. (See the info sheet on Onscreen Keyboard for more info.)

Here is an example of what mouseless browsing looks like:

mouseless browsing

In this example, if you wanted to go to "Portable DVD," you simply type 41 on the number pad and hit enter to "click" on that link.

There are some configuration options that you need to set for you preferences, but it is very simple to set up and can make it very quick to get around complex websites.

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